We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time’
- T.S.Eliot: 'East Coker'

The following pages are intended as a resource for those interested in exploring and developing their life in Christ.

Here you will find pages dealing with Spirituality, details of Courses and information about developing a Compassionate Heart as well as a Resource page containing a wide variety of Liturgical material. There is also a collection of poems and reflections that I value and would like to share with you.  

In particular the Restless Heart has been created to promote the ministries of Spiritual Direction and Supervision.

Spiritual Direction (sometimes called Spiritual Accompaniment or Soul Friends) is a confidential ministry whereby a person is helped to explore a deeper understanding of themselves in relation to the world they inhabit and all that lies beyond yet is intimately near - God, the Divine Other.  

Supervision is also a means for growth. Priests, Ministers and Spiritual Directors benefit from the accountability and confidential space offered by Supervision.  Through reflection on themselves in relationship with the work they do, areas of giftedness and darkness are realised more clearly and the person is enabled to help others with greater awareness.

A more detailed reflection on the distinction between Spiritual Direction and Supervision can be found here.

As a trained Spiritual Director and Supervisor working in London and the south east of the UK I invite you to consider how these ministries may be of help in your own growth and development.

John-Francis Friendship APS