Below is a selection of resources I have built up which you are welcome to copy. They comprise different liturgical texts and other material useful to a priest. Most are offered in pdf. but are available as text documents whilst some are too large to have a direct link but are available on request to: jff2209(at)

(This page is still being constructed and other documents will be added in due course)

EXPLORING CHRISTIAN FAITH - a series of simple leaflets:
1. Expanding Prayer
2. Dealing with the death of one we love
3. Prayer for the Departed

4. The Ministry of Healing
5. Use of Incense
6. Confession
7. The Rosary
8. Is this a Catholic church?
9. Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament
10. Traditional Customs and Devotions
11. Holy Baptism
12. Lent, Holy Week and Easter
13. First Holy Communion
14. Preparing for Death
15. Use of Candles
16. Selection of Prayers and Devotions
17. The Use of the Body in Prayer

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Silent Prayer - some notes

Altar Card for Common Worship: Rite A

All Souls Day - Mass and Commemoration of the Departed (available on request)

All Souls Day - blessing of a cemetery

All Soulstide
- Memorial Service for Departed Family and Friends

Altar Servers - Rite of Admission of Probationary Servers

Asperges - Rite of Blessing of Holy Water and Sprinkling

Baby - Thanksgiving for the birth of

Benediction of the Most Holy Sacrament, Litanies etc...

Bible, The - A (Very) Simple Introduction

Bishop, Solemn Reception of
- liturgical notes

Blessed Sacrament - prayers at Exposition

Blessing of a Grave and Burial

Blessing of a Cemetery or Graves
on All Souls Day

Blessing of a Ministry

Blessing of a Restaurant or Place of Eating

Blessing of Servers cottas and cassocks

Blessing of a statue

Blessing of a statue of our Lady

Blessing of a Stole

Blessing of Vestments - short rite for a bishop

Blessing of Water during Mass

Blessing of Water outside Mass

Children - thanksgiving for (and naming of)

Christmass Proclamation - The Ancient and Great Proclamation of the Nativity

Christmass - Intercessions for Midnight Mass and Mass During the Day

Civil Partnership - Thanksgiving for a Civil Partnership (available on request)

Commissioning of a Parochial Church Council (PCC) at Mass

Commissioning of a Pastoral Team at Mass

Confession card - priests' copy

Confession card
- penitents' copy

Consecration of Parish to our Lady
- for first Sunday in May

Consecration of Parish to the Sacred Heart of Jesus - in June

Corpus Christi Sunday - Mass and Procession of the Blessed Sacrament

Crowning of a statue of our Lady
- prayer for first Sunday in May

Easter Day - Collect and Renewal of Baptismal Vows and Sprinkling with Holy Water

Eucharistic Ministers - Rite of Admission

First Communion
- Anointing of Candidates

First Communion
- Rite of Admission of Candidates (full Mass available on request)

First Communion
- Certificate

Good Friday - Night Prayer: Liturgy of the Descent from the Cross and Blessing of Graves

Holy Family Sunday - Crib Prayers

Liturgy of Farewell for a Priest - prayers for the final Mass before leaving a parish

Marriage - simple thanksgiving for a Marriage

MASS - Parish,Liturgy of; with Explanatory Notes for the Congregation

MASS with BAPTISM - Parish Mass and Baptism, Liturgy of; with Explanatory Notes for the Congregation

Memorial Service - in remembrance of departed loved ones

Memorial Gift
- dedication of;

Opening Prayers
- from Opening Prayers : Collects in a Contemporary Language - Scripture Related Prayers for Sunday's and Holy Days,Years A, B and C (Sample - others available on request)

Pilgrimage - Blessings before and on return from a pilgrimage

Prayers of Preparation for Priests before Mass

Prayers of Preparation for Servers
before Mass

Praying our Farewells
- for those leaving a community

Requiem Mass - People's copy

Salve Regina
in Eastertide

Stations of the Cross - for Children

Stations of the Cross and Benediction

Valentine's Day - A Celebration of Love and Commitment

Vesting Prayers for a priest before Mass


RETREAT NOTES from the Retreat for members of the Sodality of Mary Mother of Priests led by Sr. Gemma Simmonds CJ at Aylesford Priory. May 2017