During 20-odd years of leading Pilgrimages to the Holy Land I developed a wide range of Resources for Leaders and Pilgrims. Whilst Pilgrimage Companies may offer some I (like others, I imagine) found they often did not meet all my needs and frequently were quite basic. So I developed my own. As it can take a lot of time and energy to produce these, and now that I may not lead any groups in the future, I would like to make them more widely available. They include:

Holy Land Missal for priests (Anglican usage) with full Propers for the Holy Places; 

Holy Land Lectionary and proper Prayers of the Faithful together with Rite for Blessing of Pilgrims;

Handbook for Leader: including Blessing of Pilgrims, Prayers, Stations of the Cross for the Via Dolorosa, etc...

Handbook for Pilgrims: including Missal based on enriched Anglican usage, Blessing of Pilgrims, Prayers and Devotions at the Holy Places, Way of the Cross etc…

Devotions for the Holy Places including Prayers and Readings for Leaders;

Introducing the Holy Land to Pilgrims (A5 booklet)

If you would like any or all of these Resources then please let me have your email address and I will send them to you.