Exploring Christian Spirituality
(at the London Centre for Spiritual 
is a course designed for those seeking
to develop their relationship with God. 
In 2018/19 the Course will run on Mondays (2pm - 4.45pm) from October 15th, 2018 to April 8th, 2019.  Once again it will be a simple, non-academic course open to people of all faith traditions and none who are interested in exploring the tradition of Christian Spirituality.  The Programme can be accessed here.

It aims to help you reflect on your own spiritual journey; learn about different ways of praying; develop your own spirituality; introduce you to the art of Spiritual Direction; help you integrate spirituality and life; learn about some of the great traditions of Christian Spirituality (eg. Desert, Benedictine, Franciscan, Carmelite, etc.) and reflect on biblical themes and insights into life in the Spirit.  

The Course will offer opportunities to work in small and large groups; provide a reflective approach in which to make your exploration; provide opportunities of individual tutoring where required, and provide a weekly period of meditation.  It will run by John-Francis Friendship APS and Nicola Mason.

Details of the Course are available here: Outline of Course Modules: Aims and Objectives.  Online information, together with a Booking Form can be accessed via the website of the London Centre for Spiritual Direction.  You can also register interest by emailing John-Francis Friendship: jff2209(at)yahoo.com


Recommendations from previous Course members: 

'I attended the six-month Exploring Christian Spirituality Course in 2009 under the excellent leadership and pupillage of John-Francis Friendship. The Course was incredibly comprehensive, covering all the key themes and introducing the eight of us who participated to a wide range of material, including excellent hand-outs and suggestions for further reading. John-Francis invited in a number of speakers to address particular topics, and this deepened our insights and opened up even further opportunities for networking in areas that especially spoke to us as individuals.

My reason for doing this course was to find out more about being in Spiritual Direction and perhaps about going on to train as a Director in the future. … Since doing the course, I have studied for a Certificate in Theology, and I began exploring the possibility of joining the Third Order of the Anglican Order of Franciscans. In this exploratory journey, I have found the Exploring Christian Spirituality course notes to be a very valuable resource.'
- MA, London

 'I found the Course a fascinating introduction to many aspects of Christian spirituality, including different types of prayer, Christian mysticism and major figures in the tradition such as St Ignatius, St Teresa of Avila, St John of the Cross and more recent writers such as Thomas Merton. This has helped enrich my subsequent reading and theological understanding as well as my spiritual life. I would recommend it to people from any Christian denomination or background.'
- JLP, London

'Wonderful course which set me on a journey 2 years ago.' - AC, Kent

'My prayer-life has deepened, I feel  more 'complete', I have learnt to trust God. These changes feel profound' - KL, London