'And what you thought you came for
Is only a shell, a huck of meaning,
From which the purpose breaks
only when it is fulilled, if at all.
Either you had no purpose
Or the purpose is beyond the end you
had figured'
And is altered in fulfilment'
(T.S.Elliot - 'Little Gidding')

My name is John-Francis Friendship.  I am an Anglican priest and live with my partner in south-east London.  For twenty-five years I was formed in the Franciscan tradition (SSF) where I developed a ministry of Spiritual Direction.  I have also led Retreats, Quiet Days and Pilgrimages and underwent training in basic counselling skills at the Westminster Pastoral Foundation.

On leaving the Franciscans in 2002 I completed the Ignatian Spirituality Course at the London Spirituality Centre and now work on Encounter (the London Course in Spiritual Direction).  I also developed a course which explores basic Christian Spirituality which  will, once again, be offered next from autumn 2015 through spring 2016 at the Centre.  I am a Senior Accredited Supervisor with the Association of Pastoral Supervisors and Educators (APSE) and also one of the Spiritual Direction Advisers for the London Spirituality Centre.

Together with my partner I enjoy the theatre, opera and art and time walking in the wonderful Parks in London - and, when possible, in the countryside.   

For more information, or to talk about your needs, please contact me through: jff2209(at)yahoo.com; or call me: 020 3583 9312



1976 - 2002: Member of the Society of St. Francis (SSF)
1994 - 1997: Novice Guardian SSF
1997 - 2000: General Secretary SSF
2001 - 2011: Rector of the Parish of St. Andrew, Romford, UK
2000 - 2002: Ignatian Spirituality Course
2002 - 2016: Tutor on (Encounter (the London Course in Spiritual Direction) 
2005: Supervision Skills for Spiritual Directors
2006 to present: Tutor on 'Exploring Christian Spirituality
2009: Accredited member of the Association of Pastoral Supervisors and Educators (APSE)
2011/12: Course in Developing Direction