'The primary purpose of Supervision
is the personal growth of the Spiritual Director
as Spiritual Directors'
(Barry and Connelly SJ)

Anyone in ministry - priests, clergy and Spiritual Directors - needs to consider how their work is supervised.  The scope of Supervision is wide covering awareness of God, growth in insight and professionalism (good practice), space to safely explore feelings and to find encouragement and support.

I undertook training in Supervision Skills for Spiritual Directors in 2005 at the London Centre for Spirituality and am now a Senior Accredited member of the Association of Pastoral Supervisors and Educators (APSE).

For Spiritual Directors I can offer individual Supervision or facilitated Supervision Groups in Romford, Hainault and Chelmsford which meet 4/5 times a year.  These offer an opportunity for members to have a time for individual supervision as well as receiving insight from all who take part in the process.  The purpose of facilitated Supervision has been described as:

'... to develop the directing skills of the directors within the ( ... ) group. We are interested, not so much in the case being presented, but rather, what is going on right here in this room at this time. Our emphasis is on these people and what they say to each other. (A facilitated) group is a fine opportunity for ongoing education among spiritual directors ... It gives them an opportunity to have some kind of reality check on themselves so that they do not become a kind of private guru. In addition one checks out his or her own communication skills, decisions about some of the things that they have been doing in the directing situation with other good directors who also have experience.' (George J. Scheme; SJ: 'Beyond Individuation to Discipleship'') 

Members need to be committed to the Group and the usual rules of confidentiality apply.  Dates and venues for 2019 are:

March 13 / June 5 / September 25 / December 5

SATURDAY (10.30am - 12.30pm) in ROMFORD
February 9 / May 4 / August 17 / October 19 / December 7

If you are a Spiritual Director seeking Supervision, further information can be found by clicking onto this link.  

Supervision is also offered for Clergy, Hospital and Prison Chaplains, Parish Workers and anyone involved in pastoral ministry. Particular information for priests, clergy and those in pastoral ministry can be found here.  More general information  can be found via this link.

I charge £15 per person per session for Group Supervision.  The cost of one-to-one supervision is dependent on circumstances.