The SPIRITUAL ASSOCIATION of the COMPASSIONATE HEARTS of JESUS and MARY aims to provide a means whereby people can join together in developing a compassionate heart for the sake of the world.


The Association is formed of Companions who, nurtured by the Compassionate Hearts of Jesus and Mary, seek to live by a simple Rule to assist them in living with compassion.  There are also Associates who, whilst they do not undertake to observe the Rule, accept the Aims and Purpose of the Association and seek ways of fostering compassion in their hearts in order that they might live out of that charism.

The Association also seeks to help members with that ‘continuous conversion’ of the heart that deepens our relationship with Christ.  To do this involves re-focusing the ‘heart’, the centre of our being and seat of our desires, to God.  Some speak of this as the ‘conversion of the heart’; S. Benedict wrote of the need for conversatio morum, that conversion of life which involves the whole person.  This movement begins as we allow ourselves to be held in the compassionate gaze of God and seek to return that gaze.



+ seek to be living lives whereby the love of God, realised in the Compassion of Jesus, might be made real in their own;

+ recall that the heart of Mary was pierced by a sword as she remained in union with her Son. Companions recognise that their hearts will also suffer as they seek to love with the heart of Jesus and Mary;

+ know that they cannot do this by their own unaided efforts, rather they seek to turn to Christ's Compassionate Heart as the Divine well from which they drink;

+ value the rich resources coming from all religious traditions that seek to cultivate a Compassionate heart;

+ look to the Sacrament of Confession (Reconciliation) as a means of cleansing and for renewing their own hearts.


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