‘You belong to God, and it is as a child of God that you are sent into the world.

You need spiritual guidance; you need people who can keep you anchored in your true identity. … The more you come to know yourself – spirit, mind and body – as truly loved, the freer you will be to proclaim the Good News’

(Nouwen: The Inner Voice of Love)

The COMMUNITY OF SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS was launched in November 2015 by the London Spirituality Centre consequent to the Network Day two years before. At that meeting an idea was floated for a more active body that might attract wider participation and deeper engagement and work began, behind the scenes, to explore three areas: an ethical framework; accreditation/supervision, and creative support. A group from the Centre was appointed to carry this request forward and, with reference to the work being done by the Retreat Association and other bodies, a Code of Practice was developed that would define membership. 

The Code covers areas identified by the Retreat Association that might be of concern to those seeking a director and can be accessed here. In formulating the Code the work of the Retreat Association, Spiritual Directors International (SDI) and the Code by which members of the Association of Pastoral Supervisors agree to abide was taken into account. It provides those looking for spiritual direction with a list of people who have agreed to work to a high standard of practice.

The Community also offers members a more meaningful public profile through inclusion on a detailed and updated list, made available on the London Spirituality Centre website. At present there are app. 70 members, many of whom are located in the London area but with others spread as far afield as Ireland.

The Community aims to provide a sense of belonging and support through its yearly Network Days; priority booking on its Developing Direction programme; special training days (e.g., Safeguarding and Spiritual Direction) and the formation of area groups (still in the planning phase). Members are also eligible for discounted rates of Indemnity Insurance through Oxygen Insurance.

Membership of the Community, at present, costs £25 pa.